bovec rafting

The Soca River and its tourist offer

There are a lot of things to do on the Soca River, Slovenia – kayaking is one of the most famous activities here, with rafting being the fan favorite. Before visiting, it’s good to know where to go and what to do there.

Where to go? Soca River, Slovenia. Kayaking is offered along the whole length of the river, but different parts offer different experiences. Upper part is definitely the place to go if you’re into adrenaline rides. This is where the majority of the opportunities are found, with the town Bovec offering the most varied selection. On the Soca River, Slovenia, kayaking is also done competitively and there are kayak schools organized – for this, it’s better to visit the middle part where the river is a bit more manageable. Of course, there are kayak schools in Bovec and other towns on the banks of the upper part of the river.

The tourist offer doesn’t stop with kayaking. There are many other opportunities, especially in Bovec. Rafting is the most popular, especially among the visitors, and especially among those visitors that are not yet familiar with all the experiences that adrenaline activities offer. That’s why in Bovec, rafting is available in all kinds of programs. It’s not a problem to find a peaceful family trip or sightseeing ride along the calmer parts of the river, with white-water rapids offering a much different experience to those willing to take them on. Ideal for anyone willing to try! That’s why the best place to go is Bovec – rafting and other offer is very well developed and suited to all kinds of adventurers. You can even rent a raft and make an adventure of your own! It’s the place to be if you want to spend your free summer days in constant entertainment on water.