Rafting Soča

The Dangers of Sports

Sports activities are considered to be a healthy alternative to sedentary hobbies such as computer games or movie watching. People enjoy them because they combine active amusement with health advantages. Activities that get your blood pumping and your heart racing have a beneficial impact on your body, temporarily improving your mood but also potentially lengthening your life. Despite the undeniable benefits, some types of sports can be quite dangerous. The obvious disadvantage is the injuries. Those can range from simple bruises and twisted ankles to more serious trauma, such as severe disabilities or even death. What is more, sports have gotten so popular that it is valued more than other activities that include more intellectual work. Because of that sports stars are huge role models to young children, which is not always positive as many of them are showing violent behaviours in the field and are using illegal stimulants such as dopamine.

Extreme Sports Are Especially Dangerous

Injuries are more common in extreme sports and mortality is higher. If one were to decide to spend an active holiday in Slovenia they would be less likely to get hurt during a hike to a hill than during soca canyoning or rafting. Soča is a dangerous river, that has had some casualties in the past. In addition to being considerably wilder than regular sports, soca canyoning and rafting (Soča is especially famous for these kinds of water sports) might increase the risk of hypothermia or drowning. Despite the risk, it is impossible to deny the benefits and the popularity of these kinds of activities. A message to anyone who is brave enough to consider trying Soca canyoing or is thinking about rafting: Soča can be dangerous so it is advisable to be as alert and careful as possible.