rešetke za govedo

Rešetke za govedo tudi za utrditev zemljišča 

If you are engaged in grazing livestock, it is wise to provide a well-tended area in certain parts of the pasture. Usually these are parts of the pasture where cattle move more frequently. Preferably, the cattle move at the control fences or at the animal discharge.

Cattle gratings are ideal for consolidating land. You have a lot to choose from. You can choose between different sizes and also the purpose of the grid. 

Cattle gratings are very ideal and very useful in consolidating land. All you have to do is choose them. Otherwise, the cattle grilles do not allow a heavy load. 

Cattle grilles also allow us to load from 150 tons per square meter. When installing the grilles, the water is not retained, as it allows you to best drain the agricultural land, pasture.

Cattle grilles are not only suitable for exterior surfaces but can also be used in stables. With their help, we spatially separate one cattle from another. Cattle must have sufficient space to move, lie down, be normal and drink.

Starter for calves for faster weaning 

The health of a newborn calf is highly dependent on the mother’s diet. Especially the last two months before calving. The mother’s diet plays an important role in the quality and quantity of milk, which is the calf’s first food.

The calf starter helps the farmer to wean the calves quickly, helps in the rapid development of the calves into ruminants. It is also his job to keep calves healthy, resistant to disease. In the first days of life, calves are particularly exposed to various intestinal diseases. 

The calf starter consists of high-quality hydrothermally treated barley and corn grains, which are coated into flakes. Primes also add carobs as they improve digestibility and taste.

The calf starter also contains flaxseed, which offers calves quality omega 3 fatty acids rich in fat. These provide resistance to the intestinal mucosa, as well as wonderful growths.

The calf starter also contains soy and whole whey protein, which in older calves replaces the protein that a calf would otherwise acquire in milk.

The calf starter is given to calves at 5 days of age and is given until 7 weeks of age.